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Music for films, TV, Ads or any visual medium out there. 


Single song mastering. EP´s & Full Album Mastering. Streaming, CDs & Vinyl.

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Does your music need additional production to take it to the next level. 


We distribute music for collaborating independent artists. 


We have worked with musicians all over the world on all kinds of projects.

Mastering Requirements

What sort of files do you need for mixing?

To get the best results I´ll require minimum 24 bit and 44KHz WAV or AIF stems for mixing. When exporting your files for mastering MAKE SURE you are not using any signal processing plugins on the master bus such as compressor/limiter/maximizer. Make sure your songs have “headroom”, somewhere around -6db or below.

What kind of files do you need for mastering?

I´ll require minimum 24 bit and 44KHz WAV or AIF steroe files for mastering, with headroom, no louder than -6dBFS. These files are created once you have mixed down your music. Compressed (lossy compressed) files are not accepted. These include files such as MP3s, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, m4a. When exporting your files for mastering pls. do not use any signal processing plugins on the master bus such as compressor/limiter/maximizer!

I´m using ProTools, what do I do?

You´ll need to export individual tracks in your mix (bounce) as WAV or AIFF, minimum 24bit and 44.1 kHz.

  1. Create a new folder where you will save all of your tracks
  2. Select all tracks within your project
  3. From the “Edit” menu, select “Consolidate Clip”
  4. Type “ctrl+shift+K” on a PC or “apple+shift+K” on a Mac to open the Render settings dialog.
  5. Select Export options as WAV - Interleaved - 24bit PCM and 44.1 kHz Sample Rate
  6. Click Export
  7. Zip and send!
Check Avid Website Support if you have problems. This short video below might also help.

I want my song to sound Can you make that happen?

If you have any preferences for sound or style thats great, just let me know what you´re looking for and send me some reference track that sounds somewhat similar. That will help me and i´ll approach the mixing process with that in mind. I will be very frank with you and let you know if I think your mix needs additional work before moving forward, just to make sure we get the best end results.

Steve Sampling

Music Producer


“I got Frosti to master my newest single, and the end result exceeded my expectations. The sound is smooth and balanced, sounds good and clear on both high & low end equipment )wich is very important for online streaming releases) The whole process was quick and professional from order to delivery. Highly recommended.”


Label Manager / Musician


“I have been working with Frosti for almost a decade and he always delivers. He has a great sense for music and his mastering skills are wonderful. He has made masters for me for vinyls, cassette tapes, cd's and digital and he always does the job done greatly. I needed him to help me out for a new release and he did a perfect job as always”

Duv Tales



“Got an EP mastered for digital and vinyl release, delivery happened sooner than anticipated and I am super happy woth the results, definitely recommend” 

GJ Collider

Musician / Producer


“Frosti is a total pro. He's mastered tracks for me before and has never disappointed. There was clear communication from start to finish. Frosti works fast, has a great ear and an easy-going disposition. I will not hesitate to work with him again. The final master is fantastic. Highly recommended!”




Frosti delivered a high quality mix and master of my song that I am very pleased with. I had high expectations and Frosti met them and delivered more than that in terms of quality and sound. By far the best gig I have tried on Fiverr...Highly recommended...”




“Frosti did yet another perfect work. Improvement on my song in every area. So impressed with his work and skills in the mixing and mastering arena”

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