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In an era inundated with information, searching for useful and trustworthy information is not as easy as it seems. The challenge is often not about finding the right resources but discerning the valuable from all the noise, “...Information is not knowledge…and Knowledge is not wisdom...", to quote the late Frank Zappa.

I think we have all found ourselves spending hours and hours searching for online tutorials, all kinds of “how to do this and that” and “best way to” videos and blogs and still being unsure about the quality of the information given. So, if it is of any help, here are a few sources of information I have found helpful (and credible)


How To Make It in the New Music Business: Practical Tips on Building a Loyal Following and Making a Living as a Musician by Ari Herstand is a very insightful book about the music business and how things work. Originally published in 2016 (Ari has added more information to later editions) the book helps you understand the mechanics of the music industry as well as the terminology which is being used.

Mixing Secrets for the small studio by Mike Senior is based on many of his insightful articles for Sound On Sound Magazine such as his popular Mix Rescue series and his features on comparative recording techniques. This is a super useful book for anyone who likes to learn about mixing, it is a very practical book which comes in handy when you need to refresh your mind and memory on the many things which mixing and audio production involves.

The Musician's Pocket Guide to License Your Songs to Film, TV & Ads is a great read for anyone who wants to learn about sync and licensing. The book is written by Michael Elsner and Jody Friedman who know the inside and the out of this business. If you want to learn hwo to get your music on TV and Films, this is a good first step


The Mastering Show is one of my favorite audio-podcasts and a great source of information, hosted by mastering engineer Ian Shepherd from the Production Advice website. Ian regularly invites guests to his show who share their insight and the show itself is a great source of information, news & discussion on all topics related to audio mastering, including hints and tips.


YouTube is an endless source of people sharing their "expertise" on almost everything. The House of Kush is a great show hosted by audio engineer and musician Gregory Scott who also owns Kush Audio, so he knows what he´s talking about! A great source of information and is very helpful for anyone who wants to understand the art of mixing and audio production from a credible source


Sound on Sound (SOS) is a great website and endless source of information, industry news, production advice, product reviews among many other things. Sound On Sound is known for its thorough and unbiased reviews of music technology products, such as audio interfaces, microphones, and software. It also features articles on recording techniques, music production and sound engineering, as well as insightful interviews with musicians, producers, and mix engineers which is just the best way to learn.


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