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Ský by Yown

Updated: Aug 30

Ský (Clouds) by Yown (Jón Friðgeir Sigurðsson) a beautiful journey in tone and texture, delivering an atmospheric sense of calmness and ambience. Ský is Yown´s first album, written during sleepless nights in Berlin. Approached with minimalistic intent, the outcome is a consonant harmony and engaging reiteration of musical phrases instilling a mindful sense of peace. Album is also available on Spotify and any of your favorite listening app. Released on Möller Records.

Release date August 22nd, 2023. Written and Produced by - Jón Friðgeir Sigurðsson. Mastering - Frosti Jónsson at URD MUSIK. Album cover - Margrét Jónsdóttir. CAT: Helga108


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