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Reflections Vol.02

Updated: Feb 15

We have done a lot of mastering for the Icelandic label Möller Records. Reflections Vol.02 is Möller Records first release of 2024, mastered at URD MUSIK. Reflections Vol.02 masterfully fuses the unique talents of two exceptional musical visionaries, Bistro Boy and G-Jákvæður.

Bistro Boy, known for his atmospheric soundscapes and evocative melodies, joins forces with G-Jákvæður, a trailblazer in experimental electronic music.  Reflections Vol.02 stands as the second installment in a series that spotlights Möller Records artists, offering an enchanting exploration of sound, and a remarkable musical journey.

Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp or on your favorite listening app.

Album Info

Reflections Vol.02

Artists: Bistro Boy, G-Jákvæður

Album art: Stefan Olafsson Stefansson

Cat: Helga109

Released January 31, 2024

Mastered at URD MUSIK


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