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Bjartmar & Bistro Boy are Moving Closer

Moving Closer is the latest song from the Icelandic duo Bjartmar (Bjartmar Þórðarson) and Bistro Boy. Moving Closer is a melancholic sounding synth-pop song and our third single we have released this year, following Your Melody (released in March) and No Need to Worry (released in February). Listen to Moving Closer on Spotify, Apple Music or on your favorite listening app.

Bjartmar is an Icelandic musician and vocalist based in Reykjavik. He´s been involved with the city´s performance art scene for a long time, both as an actor and vocalist. He released his first solo EP Deliria in 2016 and has recently released three singles off his upcoming EP Secondhand Dream, fully out in late 2022

Bistro Boy is an Icelandic artist and producer and better known for his downtempo instrumental electronica. He has released several solo albums across different genres, his latest release tengls was released in 2022 with the Slovenian artist X.U.L (Gasper Selko).