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Bjarmi by Stereo Hypnosis

Stereo Hypnosis is one of Iceland´s best know electronic acts, well known for their ambient inspired music and eye catching shows. The band consist of father and son Óskar Thorarensen and Pan Thorarensen and guitarist Thorkell Atlasson. I had the honour mastering album Bjarmi, which is a collaboration project with the British composer Christopher Chaplin. The album has received great reviews (too many to quote here) and is definitely worth checking out - Listen on Spotify -

Released April 12, 2019

Produced and composed by Stereo Hypnosis and Christopher Chaplin. Live improvisation recorded at Hvammstangi, Iceland, 6th July 2018. Mixed and edited by Thorkell Atlason

Mastered by Frosti Jónsson. Image by Jóhann Guðbjargarson. Design by Denise Faber-Ledinger.

Christopher Chaplin - synthesizer, electronics

Óskar Thorarensen - synthesizer

Pan Thorarensen - electronics, field recordings

Thorkell Atlason - guitar, electronics


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