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Betrayal (Foreboding Tension) by TMS

Super proud to be part of the album project Betrayal (Foreboding Tension) for the UK based signature and Award winning Production Music label TMS. Betrayl is an album of dark and slightly sinister themed tracks written for Crime, True Crime and Serious Drama. Lots of gritty and metallic textures. Low bass pulse creates a mysterious and sinister vibe.

The Music Supervisors are an Award Winning Production Music Catalogue & Bespoke Composition Music Agency. TMS runs two Production Music labels - ‘TMS’, all styles, label and ‘911 True Crime’ which is dedicated to true crime & serious drama.

Album & License Information

Album Code: TMS231

Label: A TMS Label: Underscores

Released: 14/06/2024

Tracks by Frosti Jonsson


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