Ancient by Lady Babuska

Ancient is Lady Babuska´s first Möller Records release. Lady Babuska consist of the powerhouse duo and producers Jón Friðrik and Arnar Helgason. Influenced by drum and bass, dubstep, trap and electronic music Jón and Arnar started off making beats and turn knobs in 2014 that eventually resulted in an album which we proudly present: Ancient.

Released February 28, 2019

Written, mixed and produced by: Jón Friðrik Sigurðarson (Writer, producer), Arnar Helgason (writer, producer), Salka Sól Eyfeld ( Gone Live vocal), Páll Óskar ( Ég er bundinn fastur við þig Remix vocal), Arnar Grétarsson ( Mixing). Artwork: Viktor Blöndal Pálsson. Mastered by: Frosti Jónsson.

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