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A good mix can make or break as song. Mixing your song is all about making it sound the best it can before taking it to the final stage of mastering and have it ready for release. Price includes one-on-one advice on mixidown and delivery of stems for the best results. Additional service includes production, Vocal Comping & Editing.

Our Clients Say

"...I recently submitted it to Atrium Music. Upon their acceptance of this track, they asked if I could run through the mix one more time. Knowing I had reached the limit of what I could do with this track I passed it on to one of my teammates Frosti Jonsson. He stepped in by bringing his skills with mixing. Not only that he also had a few ideas to help with the arrangement of the track which helped bring this to the finish line allowing it to be the track I had been going for...

Ian Cahill

Artist & Producer

Comfort Within Noise

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